Photo booths are all the rage at weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and pretty much everywhere a joyous occasion is occurring. What comes with any rage is a rash of businesses trying to accommodate those looking for the service. Visit online for more details, As with any service or product you purchase you should do your homework. Here are 6 questions you should ask your photo booth rental company.

1. What are your rates/packages and what do they include? Some companies rent by the hour some have package deals such as a 3 hour rental or 4 hour rentals. Either way you need to be certain what you get with the rental. Some questions to ask are:

a. Do you setup, tear down and manage the photo booth?

b. How many prints do I get?

c. Can I have black and white or color?

d. How many copies of each print do I get?

e. What layouts are available?

f. Is there a memory book or scrap book available?

g. Is there an extra charge for the memory book or scrap book?

h. Are props provided? Is there an extra charge for props?

i. Do you provide a CD/DVD of all of the pictures taken during the event?

j. Is there an extra charge for the CD/DVD?

k. Can your booth be used outdoors? (This is obviously for those holding outdoor events)

2. What do you require to book the date? Some companies just take a check or credit card to book your event, however it is always best practice to have something in writing so beware of anyone who won’t provide a rental agreement. Some questions to ask are:

a. How much is the deposit?

b. Is the deposit refundable should you cancel?

c. Can you see a rental agreement before sending a deposit?

d. When is the balance due?

3. What kind of requirements do you have? Many booths are small and take up very little space however some companies do offer open booths or a bigger enclosed photo booth so be clear on how much space is needed and then check with the venue to make sure the booth will fit and still comfortably allow you to seat everyone, have a dance floor, room for the band or DJ, etc.

4. What is the best way to get in touch with you? This may sound like a funny question but if your only point of contact is an email address, chances are in a last minute situation you will not receive a timely reply. You should always have a phone number to call should something arise.

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